About Fz Media Group

In 2010, three individuals brought together their expertise, knowledge and experience to create a media production company that would be the ultimate platform for their multitude of talent and the ideal way to present their creative output to the world. This platform was named Fz Media Group.

FZ Media Group owns and operates the following companies:

Vidzio: For animated video production.

Crytix: For website development and design.

Paper Machines Films: For live action video production.

Writer Right: For online marketing services.

Grafik Bridge: For design and illustrations.

Fz Media Works: For corporate branding, videos and design.

The collective experience of its founders spans over more than 3 decades where they have each worked on significant projects pertaining to video production, website development, content creation and online marketing.

As all members of the Fz Media team are veterans of their respective fields, they take a professional approach towards every project and make it their mission to deliver on each deadline and creative goal that is set for them. The dedicated production management team at Fz Media makes sure that everything is carefully planned and organized to ensure the smoothest working process for both the company and its clients.